Rules of Racing

Manual of Motorcycle Sport is available online - click HERE for Chapter 12 which is specific to Enduro Riding.

Junior Body Armour
Please note current junior rules require all junior riders to wear commercially produced body armour. To

clarify, junior body armour MUST be worn with back protection. Whilst commercially produced body armour

is available without back protection, it is unacceptable for junior competition. The intent of this rule is to

ensure as much protection for junior riders as possible, which means back protection.

Since January 2014, to address safety issues and in fairness of competition, we have re-classified classes.

This we hope will also encourage new trail oriented riders.


  • 4-9 years :  50cc Demo & Auto

  • 7-12 years :  65cc 2stroke (inc. CRF70/PW80/JR80/DRZ70)

  • 7-12 years :  80-160cc 4stroke (inc. TTR90/TTR110/TTR125/KE100/KLX110/KLX140/XR80/XR100/CRF80/CRF100/CRF150/DRZ125)

  • Girls 12+ years :  85/150 2st &150/250 4st

  • 9-12 years :  85cc 2stroke & up to 150 4stroke

  • 13-15 years :  85cc 2stroke & up to 150 4stroke

  • 13-14 years :  125/150/200cc 2stroke & 250cc 4stroke

  • 15-16 years :  125/150/200cc 2stroke & 250cc 4stroke 

NOTE: Trail class available for ages 7-16 years. (Not available at all events. Please check event pages for availability)

Children aged 4-9yrs will ride in 50cc Sprocket Class.


  • Womens 16+ years: 85-200cc 2st & 125-250cc 4st

  • Under 23s B:  up to 500cc 4stroke & up to 300cc 2stroke

  • Under 23s A:  up to 500cc 4stroke & up to 300cc 2stroke

Please note age as at 1 January. Child must also ride in respective class eg: A 10 year old cannot ride a 50cc bike, they must move up to the 65cc class on a 65cc or 80-160 4st class on a suitable machine. Similarly, a 13 year old cannot ride a 65cc bike, etc.

Rules of Scoring
Scoring Rules available here