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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Natural Terrain Enduro Cross (NTEX)

Natural Terrain EX is a multi lap race around a 2km track, following the natural contours of the land.

The track is marked out with bunting and will wind its way through open paddocks, across rocky outcrops,

through tight bush and may include muddy creeks and drop offs.


Non-competitive Sprocket Class will usually be available.

Trail Class will usually not be available at Natural Terrain Enduro Cross events.

​Format for the Day​



You will have pre-entered online so all you need to bring with you to registration, a copy of your entry

receipt, your ORCWA Club Membership card and your Motorcycling Australia Licence (if you have one).

If you need a One Event Licence then bring Mum or Dad, because they will need to sign it for you.

The Registration crew will make sure you have entered the correct class and issue you with a stick-on

number for your bike.

Machine Examination

Once you have stuck your number on your bike, head to machine examination. You will need to bring your helmet with you.

Obviously you have already prepared your bike during the week so it is ready to race.

As soon as your bike is examined, get dressed so you are ready to ride!

Riders' Meeting

The Riders' Meeting will explain how the race will be run. It is compulsory for all riders to attend the Riders' Meeting and it is very important that parents attend as well.


Usually a 2km track with a shorter track for the 50cc machines.

The track will be defined with bunting tape and wooden pegs. It will follow the natural contours of the land. The terrain will vary and could include sand, gravel, natural berms and jumps.


Practice/Sighting Lap

The 3 lap 'sighting' session gives you the opportunity to ride on the track before you race it.  The idea is to look carefully at the track as you ride it so you will be familiar with it once the race starts.

All riders will be led around the course by an Adult Lead Rider. No riders are to overtake the lead rider on the sighting lap. This lap is not part of the race so take it easy and get a good feel for the corners and the terrain.


Parents are to clear the start area once the signal to start has been given by the starter. A signal board will be shown to the riders. Initially showing 30seconds, then 5 seconds. The starter will signal the race start approximately 5 seconds after the 5 second board is shown. There are many different types of starts including - Flag Drop, Dead engine, Lemans, & Elastic cord.


Each race lasts three laps. You'll get to do at least three races on the day. If there's enough time we can sometimes run a 4th race. You will be advised of this during the day.

The order of the races will be decided on the day, and advised at the riders meeting.

It is important that riders are ready for the start of their race. If they miss the start, they cannot join the race.

Adult Sweep Riders will sweep the track before each race.


Will be a chequered flag finish.

Points will be awarded to the first 20 riders across the line.

Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each class. The rider with the highest number of points on the day wins.

A minimum of five riders is required to constitute a class.

Presentations and Spot Prizes

It is important that riders stay for the Presentations. It is your opportunity to thank all the people who have volunteered their time so that you could have a great day of riding.

There's another good reason to stay for the Presentations, and that's the Spot Prizes.  Every rider's name goes into the draw so you can win a prize even if you haven't won any races.  But you must be at the presentations to win a prize! Some of the prizes can include a top of the range helmet and boots, so it's well worth being there.

* Please note that Lunch is not provided, so please bring your own food and drinks.

​Minimum Riding Gear
Helmets are inspected at the Machine Examination and all other safety gear is inspected at the start of practice.

You will not be allowed to ride and will miss the race if you do not have the correct riding gear.

For the safety of all participants the following protective gear is absolutely compulsory:

  • Australian Standards approved Helmet  

  • Goggles

  • MX style Nylon Pants

  • Jersey

  • Gloves

  • MX style Boots

  • Body Armour

We also strongly encourage riders to wear Knee and Elbow Guards.

​Licence Requirements
All events are run under a permit from Motorcycling Australia. All riders must hold either a yearly license or purchase a One Event Licence.  

​Parents Involvement
We welcome parents to attend and be involved on the day. Whether it be on the trail helping the kids through the tough sections as a Sweep Rider or helping out with scoring, there is always something you could do to help.

If you would like to become more involved with the event please feel free to contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator to discuss it further.

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