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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Offroad Riding Skills Coaching Day

This is the first event of the year and gives riders the chance to practice some important riding skills

before tackling the challenges of future events.

Qualified Coaches will give lessons in many areas including:

  • riding position

  • clutch and throttle control

  • starts

  • cornering

  • braking

  • obstacles such as rocks, hills and logs

This day will also meet the Motorcycling Australia rules. You will require 5 hours coaching to be able to ride competitively at an event. The first time you do your 5 hours coaching it is called Kickstart Coaching. Once a rider has completed their kickstart and issued a log book, they only need to do coaching when they move up to a larger bike capacity. It is then called a competency certificate. This is no longer an annual requirement, however we encourage all riders to participate in as many coaching days to improve their skills.

Format for the Day

Once registration is out of the way, a riders meeting will be held to explain how the day will run.

​A general talk on Bike Setup will be given, followed by a Machine Examination of each bike to make sure the bikes are safe to ride. Riders will then be divided into small groups, based on their bike capacity and riding experience. Each group will have at least one qualified coach, plus an assistant.

​The coaches will run through the various skills, explaining what is required.

​The rider will then practice the skill under the supervision of the coach and assistant.

​There will be a short lunch break. After lunch a talk on Body & Gear Preparation will be given, then it's back out for more Skills Practice.

​By mid afternoon we will encourage riders to participate in a Free Ride session, led by the coaches, giving them the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned over the day.

​Before presentations we will run through what to expect when you go racing and some of the Motorcycling Australia rules.

​This will then be followed by Presentations and Spot Prizes.

​Minimum Riding Gear
For the safety of all participants the following protective gear is absolutely compulsory:

  • Australian Standards approved Helmet

  • Goggles

  • MX style Nylon Pants

  • Jersey

  • Gloves

  • MX style Boots

  • Body Armour

Parents Involvement
We welcome parents to attend and be involved on the day.

​It would be of benefit for parents to read through the Kickstart Manual and reinforce the skills learnt on the day.

​We appreciate that many parents may be experienced riders themselves, however we ask you not to interrupt or contradict the coaches presenting.

​If you would like to become more involved with the coaching please feel free to contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator to discuss it further.


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