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Safe . Friendly . Fun
Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Offroad Riding Events are the perfect way for riders aged 4 - U23 years to enjoy the sport of off road motorcycle riding in a fun, safe and friendly environment, specifically designed for two wheel bikes, sorry no quads. Events are fully approved by the sport's governing body, Motorcycling Australia. 

Safety is paramount. Trained adult Lead and Sweep riders follow each group of riders, qualified and experienced Coaches teach motorcycle handling skills as well as tips on bike and body maintenance, and qualified First Aid is on hand.

While competition is part of the fun, most events also have a non-competitive class for those who just want to get out and have a trail ride. There are always plenty of spot prizes so everyone has a chance of being a winner on the day.

All events are held on private property within 1-2 hours drive from Perth - usually country farms - and overnight camping is allowed at many of these, providing for a great family weekend.

There's always a great variety of fun events throughout the year, so get involved and have some fun!



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