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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Coaching Days

The aim of the small group Coaching Day is to further develop basic riding skills.

​Due to the small size of the group, riders will receive a more “one on one” style of coaching, from Nationally

Accredited Coaches, preparing them

with the skills to improve, at the next competitive event.

​This day will also meet the Motorcycling Australia rules. You will require 5 hours coaching to be able to

ride competitively at an event. The first time you do your 5 hours coaching it is called Kickstart Coaching.

Once a rider has completed their kickstart and issued a log book, they only need to do coaching when they

move up to a larger bike capacity. It is then called a competency certificate. This is no longer an annual

requirement, however we encourage all riders to participate in as many coaching days to improve their


Format for the Day


Numbers are limited, so it is essential that you enter prior to the day.

All you need to bring is your ORCWA Club Membership Card and your Motorcycling Australia Licence (if you have one).

If you need a One Event Licence then bring Mum or Dad because they will need to sign it for you.

The next thing to do is get dressed but stay comfortable as the first part of the day is Theory.

Introduction/Riders Meeting

Bring your chair & a notepad.

We will run through what topics will be covered on the day & how riders will be graded into different groups.

The first part of the day is in the classroom (even if it is in a paddock).

Gear Preparation

A talk will be given on what type of gear you need to go racing and perhaps more importantly, what to look for when buying your race gear. Also a few handy hints will be given on preparing your gear for race day, ie dusty, wet, muddy conditions.

Bike Setup

Without making it too over the top, we will run through the correct way to prepare your bike to get the maximum performance out of it.

The basics of Suspension setup, jetting, tyre & tube choice, lever & bar position, maintenance & more.

Machine Examination

Is usually done after the talk on Bike Setup with the coaches giving guidance on correct Bike Setup for each rider.

Rider Grading

Riders will be broken into small groups of 6-8 riders based on their riding ability and bike capacity.

There will be a minimum of one Qualified Coach per group. The coach may call upon a parent to assist in supervising the riders.

Skills Practice

Basic riding skills of body position, clutch & throttle control, starts & braking, cornering etc will be reinforced, before moving on to to a more advanced level.

~ Lunch Break ~  Please note that Lunch is not provided so please bring your own food and drinks

Body Preparation

A talk on basic nutrition & exercise, so you can be your best come race day.

Rules of Racing

We will cover some of the basic, but important rules of Motorcycle Racing.

More Skills Practice

Taking it to an even higher level.

An example of this would be practicing event specific starts, ie Special Test Starts, Cross Country Starts or Natural Terrain EX starts. Clutch & throttle control to master log jumping & rocky hills. Fast cornering in ruts, berms, etc.

Later head out on the track & put these skills to the test.

Minimum Riding Gear
For the safety of all participants the following protective gear is absolutely compulsory:

  • Australian Standards approved Helmet

  • Goggles

  • MX style Nylon Pants

  • Jersey

  • Gloves

  • MX style Boots

  • Body Armour

Licence Requirements

​All events are run under a perm it from Motorcycling Australia. All riders must hold either a yearly license or purchase a One Event Non Competitive Licence. These will be available on the day at a cost of $30.00.

Parents Involvement
We welcome parents to attend and be involved on the day. Whether it be on the trail helping the kids through the tough sections as a Sweep Rider or helping out with scoring, there is always something you could do to help.

​It would be of benefit for parents to read through the Kickstart Manual and reinforce the skills learned on the day.

We appreciate that many parents may be experienced riders themselves, however we ask you not to interrupt or contradict the coaches presenting.

If you would like to become more involved with the coaching please feel free to contact the Volunteer Co-Ordinator to discuss it further.

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