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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Licence & Fee Requirements

Manual of Motorcycle Sport is now online - click HERE to Chapter 3 which is specific to Licensing.

To ride in any Offroad Riding Event you will need either a Competition or Recreational Licence issued by Motorcycling Australia.

Annual or one-event licences are available for both categories with 2024 prices as follows:

  • Annual Senior National:  $362 (16+) 

  • Annual Junior National:  $331 (under 16) 

  • Annual Junior Recreational (non competitive): $151  

  • One-event Competition: $81.00 

  • One-event Recreation: $33.00 

* Discounts apply for 2nd and 3rd child from same family.

Please note you must be a member of the Offroad Riding Club of WA if you would like to participate in any ORCWA events. You will need to have paid your ORCWA membership fees before you complete your registration. You can join the Club HERE

2024 Membership Fees

Sprockets: FREE

First Member: $95 
Second Member: $75
Third Member: $55

2024 Entry Fees (all Riders must be from the same Family to receive the discount structure)
Entry Fees cover the costs for toilet hire, trophies, medals, spot prizes, etc


Sprockets: $50

First Rider: $90
Second Rider: $70
Third Rider: $50
Fourth Rider: $50

2024 Day Licence Fees
You will need a Licence to ride at any ORCWA event. If you do not have an Annual Motorcycling Australia Licence the Day Licence will need to be purchased through Motorcycling WA. Click HERE
Non-Competitive $33 (all Coaching is Non-Competitive)
Competitive $81

Coaching Requirements

Attending Coaching for the first time
As our events are run in accordance with Motorcycling Australia rules,  all riders who wish to compete in a competitive motorcycle event must have completed their initial 5 hours of “Kickstart” coaching (including the written assessment) and have a Motorcycling Australia ‘log book’ issued to them. Completing Kickstart and having a MWA Log Book is also required when applying for one day competitive license.

An accredited coach will run through the basic requirements to go racing and help you complete the questionnaire provided so you can apply for your Logbook.

Completing Kickstart is not necessary for 50cc Div 1 Demo Class, our Non Competitive Trail Class or non competitive events.

Renewing Your Coaching
Riders are only required to complete coaching / assessment when they move up to a larger bike capacity. This is referred to as a Competency Based Assessment. Once you have been assessed and deemed competent for that capacity bike, annual competency assessments are not required when renewing the license for the same capacity bike.

All Competency Based Assessments and official coaching must be carried out under a permit issued by Motorcycling WA and be signed off by an Accredited Coach.

We encourage all riders to attend regular coaching sessions, as it will develop your skills and make you a faster and safer rider.

What you now need to do is :

  1. Ask Motorcycling WA (9371 5333) to forward you a Kickstart Manual or pick one up at the next event. This manual has the Coaching & Riding Test Assessment, and the Multiple Choice Theory Test. (Kickstart Booklets are available at our Offroad Riding Coaching Events).

  2. Once you have completed five hours of coaching ask one of the coaches to “sign off” on the Coaching and Theory Test.

  3. Forward your completed assessments to Motorcycling WA. Once you have your assessments signed off, you can apply for a One Event or Annual Competition Licence. You need to send off your Test and Coaching Assessment with the Log Book Application Form.

  4. Motorcycling WA will then send you your own personal Log Book. Your Log Book is your record of all events you have participated in, Coaching, Injuries and much more. 

  5. You must bring your log book with you to every event, and present it at Registration.

This ruling has been introduced for the benefit and safety of the sport.


It can sometimes slow the registration process at events and even prohibit some riders from riding competitively. In the long run it will lead to a safer and more enjoyable sport.

Enjoy your racing!

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