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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Camping Out

We hope by camping out, your family get to enjoy the country experience in a safe

& friendly environment. Firstly we would like to thank the landowners for allowing us

to camp on their property. It is a privilege to be able to camp in their backyard and we

expect everyone to respect their property.

A few basic guidelines we ask you to follow –

Camp Fires – there are no individual camp fires permitted.

Please join everyone around the one social camp fire for some friendly banter and

where the kids can toast marshmallows.

Noise – Please be considerate of everyone else around you.

Friday night noise curfew is 9pm.

This includes the kids. They should be in bed – they have a race tomorrow!

Friday night camping is at the permission of the landowner. Please be aware that

some shires require additional permits and fees for us to allow camping on both

nights. At these venues, Friday night camping may not be available.

If you are unable to help with set up, but would like to camp Friday night, please

arrive between 3pm - 8pm. Gates will be locked at this time. When you arrive

please speak to the Event Coordinator and camp where directed. Be courteous and

contact the Event Coordinator before the event, to let them know you plans.

Also be considerate of those who have spent all day setting out the track. Keep

your noise to a minimum, and offer to help out either in the afternoon, or first thing

in the morning. Our club relies on volunteers, to keep offering these awesome


Saturday night noise curfew is 10.30pm.

We ask you to be considerate of other people and reduce noise and volume of

music by 9pm. All generators, music etc must be turned off by these times.

Music - If playing your own music, please have it at a reasonable volume.Not

everyone camping will have the appreciation for Jonny Cash or AC/DC as you do.

Please make sure the music is children appropriate – No swearing.

Appropriate Language – Set a good example for the children. No swearing or

inappropriate gestures & comments.

Alcohol – Please drink responsibly.You are setting an example for the many

children also camping out. Be aware the more you drink the louder the conversation

gets. Not everyone wants to hear how fast you were in the glory days.

Riding or driving vehicles - Once the days racing is over there is to be no riding

of motorcycles or driving of vehicles on the farmers land with out permission of the

event Co-Ordinator.

Tidy up your campsite - Before you leave, double check there is no rubbish left

behind. No bottle tops, plastic wrappers etc.Most property’s are working farms and

will have cattle & sheep grazing in the paddock within a few days. Livestock

accidentally eating a piece of plastic can cause death. The farmer wont be happy!

Help clean up the event - Sunday is clean up day.There are many jobs to do, but

with many people helping, they get done quickly and well, and hopefully the farmer

will be happy to have us back in the future.Clean up usually starts at 8am on

Sunday. See the event co-ordinator to help out.

Emergency Evacuation - In the event of an emergency, please listen to the

directions of the event co-ordinator. He will have alternate exits from the property


Lastly – Have Fun!

Enjoy your camping, meet new friends, and appreciate the countryside.

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