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March 20 - Off Road Skills & Kickstart Coaching

Registrations are now open. Click HERE for the event information & registration page

2021 Club Championship Series Calendar

Check out our Calendar Page HERE to see what events we'll be running in 2021. Please note this is still in draft

End of Season Results 

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2021 Club Membership Registration

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2020 Class Championship Guidelines HERE 


Bring on 2021

What a challenging year 2020 gave us. We were so fortunate to be able to run the 4 rounds last year when it looked early in the season that we would have to cancel every event.

2021 season preparations are well underway with our event dates now available on our calendar pages.

While the locations are still being finalised, we have a selection of amazing properties that we are sure you'll really enjoy riding on.

Currently the plan for the start of the year is to have our Offroad Skills & Kickstart Coaching event on March 20th. If you are new to the sport and would like to ride competitively or need to upgrade your bike endorsement, this event is critical for you to attend. We'll also be providing skills coaching for all other riders to help get you ready for the new season. Keep an eye on the event page HERE for updated details.

Then we'll be starting the competitive season on the 17th April with an Enduro Sprint. Typically and Enduro Sprint will consist of 2-3 special tests roughly 2-5km in length. You start racing on your own (15 seconds between riders) and you ride against the clock. This gives the rider a chance to ride at their own pace without needing to negotiate around too many other riders.

May 29th will see us hosting a Cross Country Sprint. A single lap between 10-15 km long. Typically riders get 4 races on the day.  A Le Mans start will see all riders run to their bikes for a different style start and race until the chequered flag finish. 

Then onto a Non Stop Cross Country on the 19th June. The format for this race is a trail approx 10-15km and riders ride continuously for a specified time. Younger riders will race for 1.5 - 2 hours with the older riders racing for 2.5 - 3 hours. A favourite with our riders!

We'll return to an Enduro Sprint format on the 17th July.

August 21 will see us holding a Natural Terrain Enduro X. A smaller 1.5-2km trail with varying obstacles including log hops and rocky sections. Typically 4 laps per race with 4 races on the day gives the riders a full day of awesome racing.

The last competitive event for the year will be held on September 18th. It will be one of the Cross Country formats (still to be confirmed) and will be a fantastic way to finish off the season.

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming months but please keep checking back regularly for any updated information.

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