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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Small Group Coaching

Location: TBA

Date: TBA

Event Description

If you have the ambition to be the best in your class, compete over east or be the

next #1, then this is the camp for you.


The aim of the 2 day camp is to encourage all riders to move out of their comfort

zone, beyond what they would normally encounter at an Offroad Riding Event.

Combined with a number of, off the bike information sessions, it will help you become

the next Offroad Riding Champion. 


Applications to attend will be available by the 1st August.



Entry Form

Entry - By Invitation only

Also, in the event a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of junior rider ("Minor") is/are unable to accompany the

Minor, a DEED OF APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY GUARDIAN must be completed by parent(s) or legal

guardian(s) and presented at time of time of registration on race day. Click HERE to print out a form.

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