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Ages 4yrs - Under 23s
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Offroad Riding Skills Coaching Day

Location: Toodyay

Date: July 13th 2024

Event Description

The aim of the small group Coaching Day is to further develop a riders skills,

so they can ride safer and gain confidence to negotiate the typical obstacles

they will encounter at an Offroad Motorcycle event.

Many skills will be covered on the day, including Bike Set up, Riding Gear,

Starts, Braking, Corners, Clutch & Throttle Control, Body Position, how to

tackle Logs, Rocks, Hills and much more.

Due to the small size of the group, riders will receive a “one on one” style of

coaching from Nationally Accredited Coaches.

This day also meets the Motorcycling Australia requirement for Kickstart and Competency Endorsement.

Before a rider can race competitively, they must complete what is known as “kickstart” coaching.




Entry Form

Online Entry - CLICK HERE


Remember, no late entries on the day - must enter ONLINE prior to event

Also, in the event a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of junior rider ("Minor") is/are unable to accompany the

Minor, a DEED OF APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY GUARDIAN must be completed by parent(s) or legal

guardian(s) and presented at time of time of registration on race day. Click HERE to print out a form.



Event Details

Print off event details - Available soon

Important information including location, directions, start time etc. These are the details you need to print off and bring with you on the day

General Event Information

Please print the attached information - CLICK HERE

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