Natural Terrain Enduro X

Location: Boddington

Date: August 21 2021

ORCWA Championship Series Round #5

Event Description

A defined track with bunting that follows the natural contours of the land and natural obstacles such as

tree sections, small rock outcrops, logs and water crossings.

A track approx. 1 - 2km long following the natural contours of the land. The track will have “easy” and

“difficult” options for riders to choose when negotiating any obstacles. Smaller bike capacities will

ride a shortened section of the track.

The Sprockets & Trail class will ride on a separate track.


For a general idea on how a Natural Terrain Enduro X works ... Click HERE



Entry Form  (please select correct class)
  • Online entry link TRAIL & SPROCKETS class - Registration opens approx 4 weeks prior to event

  • Online entry link COMPETITIVE class - Registration opens approx 4 weeks prior to event


Remember, no late entries on the day - must enter ONLINE prior to event.

Registrations close Tuesday, 17 August at 10:00 PM

Also, in the event a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a junior rider ("Minor") is/are unable to accompany the Minor, a DEED OF APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY GUARDIAN must be completed by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and presented at time of registration on race day. Click HERE to print out a form.

Event Details

Print off event details - Available when registrations open

Important information including location, directions, start time. These are the details you need to print off and bring with you on the day.

General Event Information

Please print the attached information - CLICK HERE