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Spectacular Lizard Rock

Cross Country Sprint Brookton July 2020

Wasn't it great to be back riding again!! A lot of work goes into creating a fantastic event like the Cross Country Sprint in Brookton and we'd like to thank all the volunteers who graciously donated their time to help setup, run and clean up after the event.

Friday setup was quite an uneventful day with a small group of volunteers turning up after lunch and setting up the marques and bunting the main straight. The crew from the weekend before had done an incredible job in completing the track and most of the setup

Race day

As the vehicles started rolling into the property, riders, family and friends worked towards completing their registration and scrutineering with volunteers busy preparing for a big day.

The morning riders brief was completed which followed onto the siting lap, a hive of activity followed with riders prepping for the first of 4 races, older kids to complete the 17km track and the junior riders completing 13km,  with various comments of creeks, logs and the rocks, rocks and more rocks though all enthusiastic none the less.

The sprockets got to start on the main start straight then rolled out into their respective track with some excited riders returning for more fun over the course of the day. Great to see so many fresh faces come along to the ORCWA event.

The races where mixed up with a couple of different starts which made the first corner interesting, the track held up perfectly during the course of the day and a lot of riders produced their fastest lap in the last race.

It was a credit to all involved whether racing, support crew or volunteers as the event achieved its target of finishing @ 3:30pm.

With presentations completed, the majority of families travelled home though a few families stayed behind for some fun around the campfire into the night.

A big thanks to the team that stayed behind Sunday and cleaned the paddock, 17km race track and the sprocket track fantastic work by some die hard club members.

To all of the ORCWA sponsors, a massive thanks, we very much appreciate your support throughout the season.

Special thanks to the Overington family for allowing ORCWA the opportunity to spend time on such a magnificent property, thanks from all involved


Great result and look forward to catching up at the next event in York.


Craig Lynch

Event Co-ordinator