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Motorplex Magic

Collie Super Sprint September 2020

Friday set up looked very different to what we were used to, with asphalt, concrete and cyclone fencing...
Our set up crew did a magnificent job of making the most of the feel of the venue, with flags along the drag strip barrier, banners on the fence and the merchandise tent on display.


We turned the weather on for round 3 of the season, with the sun coming up after an icy morning and the tracks looking prime after the previous weekends 60mm of rain, plus what came down from Mon - Wed.
Registration an scrutineering ran smoothly with the normal few late comers but we were on target for an on time sighting lap.
With some challenges in the sighting lap we thought we were in for a long day, but the team pulled together to make some changes and we were off and racing on time.

The sprockets and trail were in for a treat with the fresh 5km loop that they would complete every half hour throughout the day.

With the competitive riders completing their first test we eagerly awaited the feedback of how they found the track. We received repeated comments of "it was awesome", "they track is sooo good", "this is the best track we've done". 
This trend continued through the day with the lap times getting faster as the track formed up and the riders loving it more and more.
With all 4 races finishing on time we were set to run our presentations around 4pm.

Saturday night a few families stayed back to enjoy the fire and some of Chads thrice cooked chips, while the kids made the most of the clear night testing their wheelie skills on the asphalt amongst each other.

A huge thank you to all who helped with both set up on Friday and clean up Sunday, with a special mention to Ryan Booth and Trent Stone for the hours they put in walking the bush to mark the track in the weeks prior.

As always thanks to all our volunteers and ORCWA sponsors for making our events as great as they are.

Dave Smith
ORCWA President